Pet Shop Comics 1/21/17

I recently traveled to a cantina (or maybe it was Pet Shop Comics) in the Louisville sector of the galaxy for a Star Wars Destiny tournament… and it was fantastically fun! After suffering from a bit of analysis paralysis regarding the deck I wanted to take (because after all, it WAS my first event, so I wanted to start my “career” on the right foot), I settled on my version of Elite Jabba & Vader: The Tatooine Dream Team. tatdreamteam
There are several ways to play the Sith Lord and the Crime Lord together, but I opted for more of a controlling approach with some damage elements from Vader. This would allow me to carry on if Jabba was Hutt-slaughtered first in a game (Spoiler, he often was).

Game One: Heroes of the Day

For my first game, I was against Rey, Qui-Gon jinn, and a Padawan (each with one die). I was able to remove Padawan quickly, and damaged Rey badly with a well time exploding ball of fun (ie Thermal Detonator). My opponent countered by taking Jabba out of the equation. After finishing off Rey, that left Vader staring down Qui-Gon. The game actually ended up going to time, with QGJ’s shields keeping him (mostly) safe from Vader’s attack. When the dust cleared, I was awarded the win on tiebreakers.

Game Two: Jango the First

In my next game I faced off against a neat First Order Stormtrooper, Jango Fett, Elite Bala-Tik team. Yet again, Jabba was taken out fairly early… but not before he had “helped” my opponent dispose of some of those pesky cards in his hand. This, along with Vader’s natural discard ability, came into play. I was able to defeat Jango and Bala-Tik. On what turned out to be the final round of the game, I forced my opponent to discard his last card in hand. His deck? Also empty. This gave me my second win of the day.

Game Three: Super Troopers

My third game was against a Jango Fett and two FO Stormtrooper team. My opponent in this game focused his attack on Darth Vader, removing him fairly early. For my part, I was able to trigger two separate Thermal Detonators, which essentially atomized his Stormtroopers. The game got down to Jabba and Jango, both with very low health remaining. I used Backup Muscle to great effect, plinking some damage under Jango’s shields. Then, using Cunning, On the Hunt, and Force Training, I was able to clear the shields on Jango and replicate Force Training’s special with Cunning to deal the final damage to Papa Fett.

Game Four: General Papa

My final game of the day was against this Jango and Veers team. This one, right here. Right there. —> jangoveers121

One of my fears going into this event was facing the dreaded combo of Jango/Veers. The other, incidentally, involved Banthas. Thankfully, only one of my fears was realized. Unfortunately, it materialized in the “championship” game for the event.

My opponent started out quickly, getting damage on the board with what felt like every die. Even though I had been able to put a Holocron on Vader and start cycling it for great upgrades, I was unable to roll much else. Jabba fell early in this game, leaving Darth Vader to stare down both Mr. Fett and Gen. Veers.

Thankfully, somehow, my luck swung around. I started drawing some great control cards that allowed me to keep most of the damage at bay. Vader was fully upgraded with a Force Choke, a Force Throw, and a Mind Probe. I finished Jango off first, but Veers was still in the fight. Luckily, I got Backup Muscle to start doing some work.

In what turned out to be the final round of the game, Veers rolled with a Jetpack and what felt like ALL THE GUNS IN THE WORLD. It was probably just two guns, what with the rules of the game being what they are and all. I was extremely fortunate that Veers rolled nothing but modified dice (+2s all around). Even after a reroll, no real damage was on the board. On my side, however, it was a different story. I was able to use a Force Choke to spin one die to a blank and, more importantly, deal a point of damage to Veers. My opponent had 4 health left on Veers, but nothing except two +2 Ranged sides on his dice. He claimed the battlefield (which was my Mos Eisley Spaceport) to remove one of the dice by pulling the corresponding laser pistol back into his hand. I made use of the special on my Force Throw to send the remaining die back and score two points of damage. With only two damage remaining on Veers, and only my Vader character die left, I started discarding and rerolling. On the last possible discard and reroll, I managed to land a damage side to win the game.

My Tournament Take Away

With the final round in the books, my first Star Wars Destiny event was over. There was a fairly large attendance (18 players), so that gave it a “big event” feel. For winning, I collected the much sought after acrylic resource tokens. Everyone I met was pretty great, and I feel like a good community is forming around the game. Even when there were rules disputes or mistakes, consensus was able to be reached and nobody (I think) walked away angry.

Thank you very much for reading this event report. If you have a chance to play in an event, from store level to World Championships, I heartily recommend doing it. Players of all skill and experience levels will be there to play (and talk about and trade) Star Wars Destiny. So, you know, you should be too.

One response to “Pet Shop Comics 1/21/17

  1. Hi there! Love to see you guys doing content on Star Wars Destiny. I moved away from Dice Masters because of a poor local scene and overall disappointment with the competitive scene, but it’s comforting to hear familiar voices doing a podcast on another game I love.

    I feel like this Vader/Jabba deck can use a little bit of refinement. I’m apprehensive about including so many one-ofs, especially for really impactful cards like Crime Lord, He Doesn’t Like You, and Electroshock. I’m a really big proponent for including 2 of as many good cards as you can for the sake of consistency, especially considering the card pool is so small right now. I’m also shocked you haven’t included Ace in the Hole for serious Crime Lord shenanigans.

    Thanks for the report! Definitely looking forward to more articles and podcasts from you guys.


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