Greetings and salutations! Every couple of weeks, this motley crew meets up at a hole-in-the-wall cantina on Nar Shaddaa called The Wealthy Wampa to play Star Wars Destiny – and broadcasts their experiences out over the holonet.

For the convenience of those in this part of the galaxy, those transmissions have been converted to traditional podcast and video formats suitable for playback through sources like iTunes or Google Play Music.

We would like to set some expectations for you so that you know what you’ll find here moving forward.

First, the podcast. You can expect to see that every two weeks on Wednesday, with the first episode releasing the next Wednesday after the Episode Zero introduction is released. In the show, you’ll hear TK-421 the Stormtrooper and Od’dball the Mon Calamari talk about Destiny strategy from the corner table of the Wealthy Wampa. None of the three of them claim to be experts on the game – and truly no one can claim to be at this early point – but they put their heads together and try to find the “best practices” and make good decisions with Destiny (though not necessarily with life). There’s also some humor, and it’s important to stress that we intend to keep the show suitable for all ages.

See the “about” page for more details about the cast of characters and the establishment that they frequent.

Next, articles. You can expect to see a minimum of one article per week, generally on Saturday or Sunday. These articles will deal with thought processes, card evaluation, alternative formats, and so on. The sky is truly the limit, and we’ll be bringing you topics as we reason through them ourselves, hoping to foster conversation and new ideas. We have a couple of articles available now, at launch, to give you a good idea of the type of content you can expect.

Last and far from least would be videos. This will take just a little more time for us to perfect, though we’re quite excited and don’t anticipate any major delays. Video content will take three forms:

  1. Short looks at cards or specific strategic plays/decisions in games. You can see some examples of those on our YouTube channel right now!
  2. Gameplay with banter between players as they play. Some of this may be live streamed.
  3. The same gameplay, but with voiceover commentary over it discussing the play and strategy as it is executed.

We hope that the combination of strategic depth with tongue-in-cheek humor will be evident and enticing to those who stumble upon our humble slice of the ‘net. Thank you for reading, watching, and listening. We’re looking forward to this journey with you as we all seek out our DESTINY.

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