Episode 1: Discovering Heuristics


This is the first official episode of The Wealthy Wampa! Your hosts, TK-421 and Od’dball the Mon Cal give a look at recent news in the game. Then, the pair takes on an eLuke/Ackbar deck and requisite mulligan decision in another “Are These the Cards You’re Looking For?”

Finally, it’s time for a look at some things that you might want to think about when approaching your early Destiny casual and tournament experiences, especially some of the heuristics – in psychology, these are shortcuts to help us make decisions – and other tips that we may have stumbled upon at this early point. 

Here is the decklist that the duo discussed during “Are These The Cards You’re Looking For?”: http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/7240/lukeandackkie-1.0

If that link doesn’t work in your podcatcher, you can also find it at our website, noted below.

Make sure to check us out at http://www.thewealthywampa.com and send an email to thewealthywampa@gmail.com to keep in touch! You can also find us on Facebook and on Twitter @WealthyWampa.


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2 responses to “Episode 1: Discovering Heuristics

  1. Really good podcast guys. Looking forward to future episodes. If I ever get product, I’d love to get more involved and maybe discuss this game even more. That being said, it would have been interesting if you all commented on the lack of product for the game. For those like me who looked into getting into the game a month or two late, the lack of product keeps us from coming to meetups and participating in events.

    Now your comments on this being a dice game and building a deck to use the different options rolled, I learned the same lesson while playing Ashes (one of the best LCG style games ever released). It would be interesting to see a discussion about all the different dice-card games out there (Dicemasters, Ashes, and Destiny).

    It’s awesome to see a big group for Destiny already forming in Louisville. Netrunner had a similar following early on. The big concern we have had in Louisville was maintaining the group and meetups, as many games have dwindled off. I sure hope to see this community continue to grow.


    • Thanks for listening! I’m glad you enjoyed it. We had to record this one twice, as we discovered that no one could hear TK-421 in the first go because he refused to remove the helmet. Once he took that goofy bucket off, though, it came out alright.

      The product issues have certainly been frustrating, and I imagine that Fantasy Flight won’t get caught flat-footed again. It also follows that they are working to reprint some Awakenings as well as the new set, so hopefully it’ll be in everyone’s hands sooner rather than later.

      As far as not being able to attend meetups: it might be worth it to speak with some players on Facebook in the local SWD group to see if anyone could loan a deck or some cards. That way you can start getting into the game while waiting for product to become available.

      Personally, I’ve not played Ashes… but I know TK has. Dice Masters, of course, is something we both have lots of experience with. That may be an interesting topic for a future episode as a bit of compare/contrast.

      Thank you again for listening and taking the time to comment. We’ve got a ton of ideas for podcasts (and articles) going forward. So, you know, stay tuned!


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