Health Code Violations Close Wealthy Wampa

NAR SHADDAA, Outer Rim – Local officials today announced the immediate closure of The Wealthy Wampa cantina due to what they called “egrigious and willfull” violations of food safety standards. Workers arriving for the day found the doors locked.

The restaurant, once called the planet’s “Most Adequate Eatery” was slapped with many citations after a recent inspection. Some of the problems included holding foods at unsafe temperatures, inadequate cleaning procedures, and the inclusion of ground mynok in the signature nerfburgers, a discovery that Bothan inspector Jory’lya called “particularly vomitorous.”

Officials gave no expectation for the reopening of the establishment. “Are you kidding?” an anonymous official said. “The last time I saw a restaurant so poorly run it was my daughter’s lemonade stand and she was three and just threw a lemon into dirty water.”

Owner Loppa the Hutt was unavailable for comment.

5 responses to “Health Code Violations Close Wealthy Wampa

  1. So… Are you guys not recording? It would be a shame to quit already. I cant stand some of the other destiny podcasts, and yours had quality.


    • Yes. Sorry to say that we aren’t moving forward. There is a lot that I could say about it, but I thought it better to go this route and let people have their fun. I believe Jon is still playing Destiny but I won’t be.


      • I’m really intrigued to know why? I used to have a board gaming podcast and know what goes into creating the content/setting up web space and such. What made you quit so early?


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